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Setting Up Custom Domain

Why do I need a sub domain

One of the main reasons for having a landing page is to drive pay-per-click traffic to them. But before you can use your landing page permanent URL as the click through link for your pay-per-click ads, you need to setup a sub-domain attached to your main domain name.

Google, for example, only allows one destination domain name across it's ad network. So if your domain is www.mydomain.com then Google expects you to drive all click throughs to either www.mydomain.com or a subdomain attached to www.mydomain.com.

Hence, in this example, setting up a subdomain like pages.mydomain.com is a very simple way to get around the "1 Unique domain per campaign" policy that not only Google but most ad networks have.

Setting up a sub domain

In order to setup a sub domain for all yor landing pages, you need to setup a CNAME record with your hosting provider. A CNAME is what's known as a Canonical Name Record. It's like creating an alias for one domain and giving it the name of another.

Go to the settings tab to setup your custom sub domain record.

Once you have specified the subdomain you wish to use for your landing pages, you need to contact your domain registrar/hosting provider.

Tell them that you need to setup a CNAME record for your chosen subdomain to point to app.livepageshq.com.

For instance, if your domain name is www.mycompany.com and if you chose pages.mycompany.com as the subdomain for all your pages, then you need to have the CNAME record setup for "pages" to point to "app.livepageshq.com".

Please note, that CNAME records take some time to propagate and until they have propagated across the internet, it is not safe for you to start driving traffic to your landing pages. Depending on your hosting provider, CNAME records typically take 24 hours to propagate.