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Adding Analytics Code

Google Analytics Code

You can add Google Analytics tracking code across your pages in one easy step.

Before adding the Google Analytics code, make sure in your Analytics profile, you've allowed for tracking to work with subdomains associated to your main domain name. If you are not sure, login to your Google Analytics account, click on "Admin" (top right) and then click on the account name to access the sites available under that profile.

Click on the site you wish to check the analytics settings for.

Click on "Tracking Code" option and make sure that under the "What are you tracking?" heading, the "One domain with multiple subdomains" option is selected.

Adding Analytics code

Go to the settings tab and click on the Google Analytics link.

Cut and paste your Analytics tracking code in the text box provided. Google Analytics works in both Head and Body zones but it is recommended that you add the code in the Head Zone.

Note: If you wish to include any other type of tracking code, then combine all tracking codes into the same text box and use the "Body" zone to save it.

After this, every page will automatically carry the Analytics code you've added here.