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Submitting leads to Maxmail

Integrating with Maxmail

Maxmail is a powerful email marketing automation platform developed by Optimizer HQ, the same company that's built LivePages.

The main purpose of integrating with Maxmail is so that you can automatically send all your leads captured via the lead generation forms on your landing pages into Maxmail to facilitate autoresponder campaigns, and achieve any other marketing automation objectives.

Before this integration can take place, you need to login to Maxmail, go to the settings tab, click ont he API credentials link and grab the API Key.

Now log back into your LivePages HQ account. Go to the settings tab and click on the API link. Add your Maxmail HQ API Key in there and click on "Update API Key" button.

Linking with a Maxmail Mailing List

Once you have the Maxmail API key integrated with your LivePages HQ account you are ready to start sending any leads captured from your landing pages directly into an existing Maxmail HQ mailing list.

This feature is only accessible from within the Forms section.

When creating a form, below the "redirection options" you will see a checkbox to "send data to Maxmail". Check that option and you will see a drop down list made up of all the mailing lists available inside your Maxmail HQ account.

If your mailing list has any custom fields, those custom fields are also going to be added to the form. Please note: Only "active" custom fields are brought across.