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How to setup a lead generation form

How to create a new form

To add a form to the landing page firstly you need to create a new form and specify the form fields. Do the following:

  1. Go to Forms (click 'Forms' button on the top menu of the admin zone)
  2. On this page you can see the form Create a new lead generation form. Define heading and blurb text which will be displayed over your form.
  3. Each form contents set of fields you must have in the form. They are automatically added. Also you can choose optional fields predefined for you, tick the checkboxes near the needed field name to include them in your form.
  4. Specify the Redirection URL (for information please see Understanding form redirection)
  5. Define Success Message - text that your users will see after successful submitting the form (if you don't use the redirection URL)
  6. Specify the Callback URL (for information please see Using the Callback URL)
  7. To send form data to MaxmailHQ API tick the checkbox Send lead data to MaxmailHQ API. This checkbox appears only if you defined API Key on the settings page.

Add a form to the landing page

To accociate your lead generation form with the specific landing page you need to add this form to the page using the page designer.

  1. Open your page in the editable mode (click on the edit link in the list of pages)
  2. Click on block in which you want to add the form (or add a new Form block). Each page can include only one form
  3. Go to the Blocks settings tab in the page settings toolbar (the tab will be opened automatically once you will click on the needed block)
  4. Choose the form from the list by heading (click on it)

The form will be displayed on the page after loading.