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Setting up headlines and text elements

How to add a new headline to assets

To add a headline do the following:

  1. Go to Assets -> Headlines
  2. In the Add Headline form on the right define a tag for your headline (the name which will be displayed in the list of headlines - for internal use only)
  3. Fill in Headline, Subheading and More Text if you want using the rich text editor.
  4. Click the Add headline button

Added headline will appear in the table with the list of headlines left of the Add Headline form. You can edit or delete the headline at any time.

Alternative way to add a headline is to do this directly from the page designer. Do the following:

  1. Open the page in the editable mode (click on the edit link in the list of pages)
  2. Click on block in which you want to show the Twitter Stream (or add a new Headline block)
  3. Go to the Blocks settings tab in the page settings toolbar (the tab will be opened automatically once you will click on the needed block)
  4. Click on add new link to add a new headline in the dialog box.

Using the rich text editor

The rich text editor is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor that allows users a familiar word-processing interface to use when editing text elements and headlines. Simple toolbar with icons provides many standard editing commands.

Font style - highlight your text and use these 3 buttons to make text bold, italic or underlined.

Alignment - highlight your text and use these buttons to Align text left, right, center, and full.

Text List formatting - Unordered List, Ordered list, Out-dent (move left) and Indent (indent right)

Font Family - select the desired font

Font size - select the desired size of font

Undo/redo - undo (Ctrl+Z) and re-do (Ctrl+Y) the formatting you just made

Select Text Color - select the color of your text. This drops down to give you a choice of colors

Remove Formatting - removes formatting from text copied from somewhere else

Edit HTML Source - if you click this button, a pop-up displays showing the HTML source code for your text and allowing you to edit the HTML source code directly.