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Setting up bullet points

How to add the bullet points to assets

If you want to use icons with your bullet points at first please upload an icon set.

To add a new bullet point to assets do the following:

  1. Go to Assets -> Bullet Points
  2. In the Add Bullet Point form on the right define a heading, a blurb text and an icon for the bullet point
  3. Click the Add Bullet Point button to save results

After that you can use the bullet point on any of your pages as many times as needed.

Added bullet point will be displayed in the table left of the uploading form. You can edit or delete the bullet point at any time.


Add the bullet points to the page

After creating bullet points you need to add them to the page using the page designer.

  1. Open your page in the editable mode (click on the edit link in the list of pages)
  2. Click on block in which you want to add the bullet points (or add a new Bullet points block)
  3. Go to the Blocks settings tab in the page settings toolbar (the tab will be opened automatically once you will click on the needed block)
  4. Tick the bullet points you wish to display

To change order of bullets drag and drop them in the list.