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How do I create a new landing page

Description on starting with Landing pages to create your first page

Drag & Drop Designer

Use the drag & drop designer to build creative landing pages to boost conversion rates.

Using the drag and drop designer

learn how to use the drag and drop designer / editor to create Landing pages

Defining the general look and feel of the page

Details on settings for general look and feel of the pages

Designing SEO friendly landing pages

Learn how you could create SEO friendly landing pages

Making a page live

Learn how you could make a page live one you finish creating it in Landing Pages

Taking a page offline

Details on how to take a live landing page offline

Understanding page statistics

Understanding the details of page statistics

Uploading a Flash Banner

Learn how to upload a Flash Banner to your page

Adding RSS Feeds

Details on adding RSS Feeds to your page

Adding Twitter Stream

Details on adding Twitter Stream to your page