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Landing pages are by far one of the most essential elements of a successful online marketing campaign. LivePages is a web based landing page design tool that does not need any specialist HTML programming skills to produce amazing landing pages.

Stats & Conversion Rate Tracking

Live Conversion Stats

Landing page analytics can be quite overwhelming at times. Our clutter free analytics show you only the information that matters, nothing else. Stay on top of things instead of drowning in analytics.

Proven Layouts

We offer 7 different layouts. Each layout has been tested and proven to carry high conversion rates purely because of the format in which the various elements of the landing pages are laid out.

Save Time & Money

Why pay silly money every time you need a new web page to drive online traffic? If it's not the money then it's often the time spent that costs more than what it's worth. Instead, use our solution, make yourself a cuppa and watch conversions grow.

Lead Capture

Lead Capture Forms

Generating leads is an important function of a landing page and LivePages has fantastic tools to capture leads, send data to Maxmail for email marketing automation and redirect your landing page visitors to any page you like.

SEO Juice Back to You

Every landing page created automatically attracts oodles of SEO juice back to your website. We even notify all search engines to index your landing pages as soon as you publish them. It really doesn't get any better than this.

Become a Speed King

In the online marketing world, it's all about speed and agile adaptation to how your ads are responding. The ability to deploy landing pages in seconds gives you unfair advantage over your competitors and the ability to adapt like never before.

Li'l note to online marketers...

It's completely natural for you, as an online marketer to think, "heck! I don't need yet another tool to manage my online marketing activities" - and we understand. However, if you're on a mission to find "THE" perfect tool, please drop us an email when you find it.

In the mean time, LivePages makes the task of building and deploying landing pages manageable, easy and super fast.

We built this app purely because our parent company, Optimizer, desperately needed a way to build and deploy hundreds of landing pages for the thousands of display ads that we manage for our online properties. We just couldn't find anything like this out there.

This app is dedicated to every online marketer who has faced the same challenge we have.

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