Increase your online marketing return on investment

Why Some Online Marketers Do Better Than Others

Online marketing is no longer a "point and click" game...It requires real skills and deep knowledge of how the online world works. One of the common traps that most online marketers fall into is the "All marketing needs to point to my website home page" train of thought.

What Can LivePages HQ Do For You!

1. Knowledge Is Power

You'd be surprised how many online marketers take a shot-gun approach to search engine marketing. The seasoned pro knows that tools like Google Analytics and your preferred affiliate tracker does not provide accurate conversion reports, let alone tell you which specific ad campaign is working best. With LivePages HQ, our live conversion stats give you valuable insights into which specific keywords, websites and source URLs are sending traffic your way.

It's easy to "know" how many conversions you have...but to "understand" where and why they came is real power.


2. Shelve the Geekness

Remember having to go back and forth twenty times with the in-house web designer to get the landing page looking just right? Well, you don't have to endure any of that frustration anymore. As marketers, the technicalities of creating HTML pages is not what we like to get bogged down with. With the simple and easy drag & drop designer, you don't need to be a geek to produce powerful landing pages that convert well.

Be a marketer. Point, Drag, Drop, Click and Bob's your uncle.


3. Multi Channel Marketing Opportunity

The ability to create fantastic landing pages is only part 1 of the game. Once you've got the conversion, you can then leverage additional marketing automation tools and integration capabilities to take your online marketing to a new level of excellence and ummph!

Your customers are everywhere. To reach them, you too need to be everywhere.


4. Boost Sales & Business Growth

Ultimately it boils down to the bottom line and that's what every marketing department's performance should be judged upon. Using the widgets and integration tools, you can launch longer term performance based marketing to follow your landing page visitors and make several offers over a period of time. If you're good, something's going to stick...

Three quarters of the online world is yet to figure out how to remarket to non-decision makers...Are you the other quarter?


5. Quick & Easy Deployment

onsider rephrasing to: Best online marketing campaigns are those that adapt to the customers' needs in real time...A real time, socially and digitally mature audience demands a real time experience. Now if you have a marketing team that's got a "decision by committee" policy then we're all doomed. With LivePages HQ, building and deploying several unique landing pages for multiple variations of a marketing campaign is a matter of seconds and anyone can set them skip the decision tree and get some runs on the board!

Market to your target audience in real time... not during break time.


6. Anytime Anywhere

Unlike a hopeless geek who has no life, you don't carry your work computer everywhere with you. So when an idea emergency arrives at your frontal lobe, you're helpless because the tools of your trade are at work. There goes the "real time" argument..

With all your assets in one centralized place and a powerfully simple app that's available 24/7, on-demand, anytime, anywhere...deploying landing pages is a stress free experience.

The dudes built the cloud to help you work smarter, not harder.


7. Marketing Team's Heartthrob

If you're a commoner just like us, and work at a common workplace just like most of us do, then you're likely part of an under-funded, under-valued, over-worked and ultimately burnt out marketing team.

Give your team* a reason to smile. LivePages HQ is about to make not only yours but you entire marketing team's life at work extremely simple, not to mention rewarding... If for no other reason, introduce your team to LivePages HQ in honor of all the hard work you've done so far.
* One-man teams also qualify.

Built by marketers, for marketers...we know your pain.

Some beauties designed using LivePages HQ...

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