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Your Landing Pages are Horrible. Here’s Why.
Posted by: Murray on Thursday, 02 May 2013

At the risk of sounding harsh, I’m going to bet that your landing pages – if you have them at all – are awful. This is often one of the last things that marketers think about, and it shows in the results. You have a good email marketing campaign, or effective social channels that bring in visitors, but bringing them in is only half the battle. Many marketers spend a lot of energy attracting customers without thinking about what they’ll do when they reach the website. That’s where landing page conversion comes in.

Here are a few things you’re doing wrong and how to fix them:

1.      No landing pages – Research shows that adding just 50% more landing pages to your inbound marketing campaign can bring in 55% more leads[1]. And since landing pages are so simple to make, why don’t you have more of them? Seriously, nothing is as frustrating to a consumer as a link that leads to either the home page or a page unrelated to why they clicked on the link. If you’re not looking to frustrate your customers, and I sure hope you aren’t or we may have larger problems here, invest in a few more landing pages.

2.      No call to action – If you want users to do something when they reach your landing page, make it easy. Make the “sign up here” or “add to cart” function prominent and make them easy. Grab a landing pages template from our website if you want to see something a little more concrete.

3.      Too cluttered/too sparse – Marketers tend to go one of two ways here. Either the page has way too much going on that distracts from the call to action, or they’ve got an ultra-modern design with just the call to action and no supplementary material. The best option is somewhere in between – your logo, a clear call to action, and some social media proof or appeals to authority (reviews/tweets about your products, for example). Think about what you would do on your squeeze pages before you push them out to the web.