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Why Your Landing Pages Are Not Converting?
Posted by: Anupam on Tuesday, 04 June 2013

It is definitely frustrating when you do something with lots of expectation and anticipation but get no results. The importance of landing pages has caught your attention and you have tried to use them to generate more qualified leads and better conversion rates but to no avail. Traffic is bouncing, as usual, and the conversion rates have not improved. Don’t blame the landing pages however, rather, blame your faulty landing page optimization strategies...

There are some mistakes which people commonly make that prevent traffic from converting. Once you understand these flaws you can get them corrected by the landing page designer and see the difference yourself. Here some of the biggest landing page mishaps are discussed for your benefit.

Meaningless headline:

The title of your landing pages or the headline matters a lot. It is the first thing that the visitors read or notice. If it does not sound attractive or fail to express the purpose of the landing page, then the visitors feel discouraged to stay at the web page and will leave in no time. Another reason why your headline doesn’t work can be that it is not relevant to the context or may be the content on the landing page doesn’t match the headline.

Not using call to action optimally:

The visitors that come to your landing page will need a guideline regarding what they should do next. For this you need to provide clear Call to Action buttons or guidelines that will help them make the next move. You can direct them to the buying page or ask them to give their contact details or sign up for newsletters. The action can be small or big but you have to ask them to do it.

Overcrowded landing pages:

This is a biggest mistake or rather folly on your part. You should never use a single landing page for more than one purpose. Landing pages are used to get the focus of the traffic on a particular matter. If your content talks about more than one thing, then chances are high that the visitors will lose their attention or leave the web page due to confusion.

Faulty Deign:

Make sure that the landing page creator chooses or creates a unique design for your landing pages. The design should have parity with the rest of your website’s design and contain your brand logo. However, it should not be similar to your home page or other web pages. If it looks exactly like the home page or other pages and contains too many options, visitors will fail to concentrate on the purpose of the landing page.

Disappointing content:

The landing page needs to offer something irresistible to the visitors. The visitors should feel drawn to that offer. If the content fails to provide a solution or a remarkable offer then the traffic will be disappointed in filling irrelevant forms or give you their contact details.