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Why You Should Be Split-testing Your Landing Pages
Posted by: Syed on Monday, 18 March 2013

The best way to optimize any landing page and improve the conversation rate is to test it comprehensively. No matter what techniques or strategies you choose, you must test them one by one. There is no magic formula that can calculate the exact number of optimizations for optimizing your page.

Similarly, split-testing is nothing else, but a form of landing pages conversion testing.  It is a sophisticated testing process that can be performed on even landing pages having as low conversions as ten per day. During this process, you test a variety of different designs and content and once you have enough data to compare your base design with the others, you can pick the best performing design.

Split-testing can be performed on any lead generation page.

Let’s look at some of the most important reasons to do split-testing on your landing pages:

·         The first and most important reason to opt for split-testing is to get a higher conversion rate. That’s true! Split-testing your landing pages can certainly improve your conversation rate dramatically.

·         Split-testing is the most flexible testing for any landing page. There are simply no restrictions, you may test as many versions of your landing page as you want. When a noticeable data is collected, you can easily decide which version would be the ideal for your business.

·         Split-testing is ideal when you do not have a very big-data to analyze. A landing page with even a few conversions can be tested by this method.

·         Concluding the result is as easy as it can get. You do not have to know any complex statistical formulae or techniques to find the best performing version.

·         Last, but certainly not the least, split testing gives you the freedom to try out different new things and learn from your mistakes. So, it not only improves the conversation rate, but it also teaches you the basics of designing an effective landing page.