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Why You Need More Landing Pages
Posted by: Melissa on Thursday, 08 November 2012

Landing pages are an essential tool for any serious e-marketing campaign. And when it comes to landing pages, it’s definitely a case of ‘the more the merrier’. But just how do you turn those pages to a profit? What can you measure? And where’s the ROI?

Landing Pages Increase Marketing Opportunities

The larger your arsenal of lead generation landing pages is, the more marketing opportunities you will get. The reason for this is simple. Any serious campaign will post multiple ‘hooks’: several banner ads, different Facebook offers, multiple calls to action on the home website. Each of these offers needs, not only to be followed through with its own landing page, but also to be tracked. Multiple landing pages provide an opportunity to bait many hooks, then measure the results with pinpoint accuracy. The greater number of landing pages that customers are directed to, the greater opportunities to fine tune and tailor your offer you have.

Landing Pages Increase Conversion Rates

The landing pages increase conversion rates, or the number of visitors who perform a desired action. Not only that, but multiple landing pages increase your website’s chances of being indexed multiple times by the search engines. This way, the search engines are able to direct the viewers directly to your website’s best lead generation pages, thus converting them from site visitors in to leads, customers or subscribers.

Landing Pages Increase the Audience Targeting Options

Landing pages are also great for increasing the audience targeting options you have at your disposal for certain segments of the society. Having a separate landing page for a particular faction of your targeted audience, housing the offers concerned specifically to their needs, enhances your ability to convert these viewers in to leads for your business. Therefore, having more landing pages is ideal for increasing your audience targeting options.