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Why Landing Pages are Valuable
Posted by: Kimberly on Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What exactly are landing pages? First of all, let’s clear up one of the top misconceptions of what a landing page is — it is NOT your website. While your website contains a ton of information — who you are, what you do, where you are, etc., a landing page is a special page with a specific goal. This goal is to convert visitors’ casual views into a desired outcome, such as sign up for a mailing list, try a product, or fill out a survey form.

Landing pages are important for your business. While you may think that your website is enough to entice your target market to do business with you, consider how landing pages can enhance your online marketing campaign.

Landing pages can generate leads

Landing pages are great lead generators. You can offer your visitors something valuable to them in exchange for their contact information. You’d be surprise how willing they are to provide their email addresses in exchange for a free App, e-book or industry report.

If landing pages are done exceptionally well, landing pages may even become one of your top lead generators. This is one of the reasons why it is best to follow landing page best practices to maximize their use.

Landing pages provide information about your target market

Beyond contact information, you can also ask for additional information through your landing page. This not only provides you with a database of your target market, but also gives you and your marketing team an insight on what types of visitors are converting.

And because landing pages are usually tailored for specific campaigns (and you should consider building separate landing pages for each of your promotions), it gives you an idea of which promotions and campaigns appeal to or attract which customer profiles.

Landing pages provide insight on how effective your online marketing efforts are

If you’re closely monitoring the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, you can use your landing pages to help you do so. Track and analyze your landing page metrics. How high is your conversion rate? Which customer profiles are converting? Which campaigns appeal to your target market? How do each of your campaigns compare? These are just but a few questions that landing page metrics can help answer.

Caveat: Tracking metrics can also help you understand whether you’ve acheived landing page optimization. If you find that your landing pages aren’t attracting the customer profiles that you are targeting, consider testing your landing pages continually to ensure that you appeal to your target market. If, despite these efforts, you are still falling short of your expectations, perhaps you need to tweak your marketing campaigns.