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Why Landing Pages are so Important
Posted by: Anita on Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Online marketing is growing at a rapid pace these days and virtually every big or small business across the world is trying hard to exploit its rich offerings in one way or another. With such tremendous growth of these new-generation marketing tactics, landing pages have evolved as one of the most powerful weapon online marketers have at their disposal.

If for some unfathomable reason, you still question the significance of landing pages, then we have highlighted the following four points that will help you understand why landing pages are so important.

1) They help you earn big-fat ad revenues

By creating a successful landing page — one that uses a proper landing page optimization strategy — you ensure that all your efforts with online marketing yield their results by bringing you big fat ad revenues. This is possible because each of your landing pages is built with a specific goal in mind, and therefore contains high quality content with relevant and specific information. That makes your landing pages a favorite choice of online advertisers to place their targeted ads.

2) Landing pages can boost your lead generation

With some excellent strategy making and flawless execution, you can ensure that all the important content categories on your website are split into targeted market segments and landing pages. With high quality landing page optimization, you eventually ensure that the target audience can easily and conveniently find the information they want. This, needless to say, enhances the reputation of your landing pages and can turn them into great lead generation pages.

3) They help you get better search engine ranking

All SEO professionals and online marketers are well aware of the fact that the easiest way to climb higher in SERP is to stuff a website with enough localised and relevant information. Since your landing pages are usually filled with one specific type of information only (read: targeted), it becomes easier for you to configure those pages to feature the relevant localised info that can boost search engine rankings.

4) They boost your social media connection

By redirecting your fans and followers on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, onto your high quality landing pages raises your chances to form a stronger-than-ever bond with your loyal customers and fans.

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