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What Your Landing Page Form Should Contain
Posted by: Rosario on Monday, 03 December 2012

What are you trying to get from your landing page? Do you want the user to subscribe to your newsletters? Purchase goods? Sign up for a new service?

Well all this is possible if you include the right elements on your landing page, and that usually means some kind of form.

So what are the factors that make a perfect landing page form?

Five essential aspects of a brilliant landing page form

1. Ask for only the information that you require for your marketing and sales teams. Never ask any question that doesn’t serve your business plan in a material way.

2. Evaluate the value of the offer — to be able to ask for a decent amount of information, you must offer something valuable so participants feel that sharing the information with you is worth it. Choose carefully what you ask for, and promise to give in return. For example, if you are giving away a free newsletter subscription, ask for the email address only.

3. Due to a steep rise of spam mails, people usually prefer not to disclose their email addresses to unverified sources. It is important therefor that you win their trust by adding a privacy link or privacy policy statement that tells them their emails won’t be sold to, or shared with, any third party.

4. Never use the word SUBMIT on the form buttons of your landing page. Let’s get it straight: Nobody wants to submit anything, let alone their email address and other personal information. Instead use something like “Download free ebook”, “Subscribe to our newsletter” or something similarly value-focused.

5. If you are giving away some freebie through your landing page form, use an autoresponder email to send the link to the download page straight into the inbox of the person filling out the form. It saves you labour and makes for professional, instant results.