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What Makes a Successful Landing Page?
Posted by: Rosario on Thursday, 10 January 2013

As you perhaps already know, landing pages serve your website as a virtual broker that encourages exchange of information between you and your target customers. It’s imperative therefore that you make them flawlessly brilliant so as to win the trust and loyalty of your target customers.

Here are a few tips and tricks to crafting a successful landing page…

1) Win their trust

Remember, the information you are asking your website visitors to share with you may be sensitive for them. Thus, it is important that you can persuade them to take you into their trust before submitting that information. Your credibility plays a big role here. However, if you are new in business, still trying to strengthen your position in the market, then the best thing you can do is to place a link to your detailed privacy policy besides the form submission button.

2) Great design

An attractive and user-friendly design is one of the most crucial aspects that determines the fate of your landing pages. Remember, you need to make them easy to understand and navigate, don’t make it too complicated, and keep all vital elements (the primary content, landing page form, CTA button, privacy policy link etc) distinctly visible.

If required, recruit landing page optimization software to help you out with the cause.

3) Quality and relevant content

As with your most other marketing endeavors, quality of content is the most crucial aspect that decides success or failure for your landing pages. Top-notch, relevant and easy to understand content (that even a non-English speaker can understand) is the name of the game.

While making use of your creative side is all well and good, don’t get too carried away. Prioritize clarity over creativity, and when it comes to the landing page form, ask for only that information that matters to you. There’s no point making the form tiresomely long just for the sake of it.

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