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The Secret to Great Landing Pages
Posted by: Jules on Friday, 28 December 2012

So, you have successfully built a professional business, and are now looking for efficient ways to attract internet traffic and then persuade them to follow your call-to-action?

Well, in that case, nothing can help you better than a well-defined landing page optimization strategy.

Here are a few essential tips about how to go about building a great landing page for your online presence…

1) Compelling Value Proposition

Value proposition can be best defined as a smartly configured marketing statement, intended to explain why a consumer should purchase a product or hire a service. And by that definition, the best way to attract your potential customer is to come up with a unique and attractive value proposition for your offering. Fortunately for you, a landing page optimization service can help you best present that value proposition in the best possible light. Even better news is that producing landing pages that actually work is easier than you think with the right software.

2) Intuitive and interactive design

No matter what type of product or service you are trying to sell to your target audience, an intuitive and interactive design is must-have for any landing page to accomplish its goal. Make it visually appealing and populate it with concise, high quality, relevant content that can explain to the visitor how he or she can benefit from your offering. 

Always place the call-to-action button below the primary content which comprises of product/service description as well as its benefits. Make the CTA button attractive and big enough to draw the visitor’s attention. There is sophisticated but reasonably priced landing page design software available in the market to help you come up with attractive landing pages in the a very efficient ‘drag-and-drop’ fashion.

3) Be honest

No matter what you do, never behave like the ‘desperate car salesman’ while trying to promote your products or services. A little bit of sales pitch is okay though; it’s a part and parcel of the game and your consumers also understand. But keep it simple, and honestly portray the advantages of your offerings.