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The Secret to a Kick-Ass Product Launch (and the Role Your Landing Page Plays)
Posted by: Estel on Thursday, 04 July 2013

Ever wonder how some startups can get thousands of users to sign up days before their actual launch? Happily, the answer does not involve wizardry or rocket science. Read on to know the secret behind a kickass product launch.

Landing Pages

The apparently sublime power of great product launches are often the result of initially well placed landing pages. Landing pages function as entrance pages on a website where consumers often decide whether to join or opt out. How established your landing pages are will show in the number of visitors, average time visitors spend on the site, percentage of new visitors, and even bounce rates. Ask yourself these questions to assess your site's landing page:

Are my keywords leading visitors to the landing page relevant? If the onsite content is not reflecting relevant terms, modify key terms.

Is the landing page design visually friendly? Too much information crammed onto a limited screen space is just as bad as too little. Make sure your landing page's design is not confusing to first time visitors. Design it to be well-organized and engaging.

Does the landing page have a logical flow? Try not to leave too much guesswork for your visitors and organize your landing page according to a logical flow. A simple framework of problem, solution, and call to action will do much to keep bounce rates down to disorganized content.

Now that your landing page is in place, you can turn your attention to other product launch strategies.

Viral Content

The Web offers a near-infinite variety of engaging content from personality quizzes to infographics to viral catty videos. Attract curiosity and inbound customer potential with viral content that captures your brand's essence in a nutshell.


There's a reason why games are popular among young and old alike across the online world. Humans are designed to engage in games to learn, interact, an achieve goals. Get potential customers in the game with gamification elements like incentivized sharing and points-for-reward systems.


Curiosity may have boded ill for the cat, but it can drum up user signups for your product launch. Use exclusivity and scarcity to excite curiosity of potential customers. Visitors will be more than willing to sign up on your squeeze pages to resolve the nagging feeling that there's more than meets the eye behind your mysterious promotion.

That said, do make sure there is something more than meets the eye in your startup. In the end, if your product launch disappoints, it doesn't really matter whether you have tens or thousands signed up on your site. But if your startup already delivers value, then these tips simply throw weight behind an already successful product launch.