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The Only 5 Things You Have to Know About Building Landing Pages
Posted by: Murray on Thursday, 02 May 2013

Landing pages are a relative simple, yet often overlooked, portion of an inbound marketing campaign. After all, coming up with good products, great email campaigns, and strong social media accounts is far more difficult than designing a few lead generation landing pages. But this is exactly why landing pages are often the worst parts of marketing campaigns – nobody thinks twice about where they’re sending page visitors. Here are the five things you need to know about squeeze pages that sell.

1.      Make landing pages – This one may sound like I’m joking, but I’m not. Imagine your confusion after clicking on a link that says “Sign up for our Newsletter,” then being directed to a homepage without a clear sign up form on it. Take the guesswork out of it and lead customers directly to a relevant page.

2.      Clear call to action - Get rid of the clutter and put your call to action at the top. Make it pop with contrasting colors so that customers will see it immediately. If that’s what you want your page visitors to do, why hide it from them? Other stuff on the page is mostly distracting.

3.      Brand it – You want customers to know that they’ve reached your website and not some third-party spam factory. Splash your logo at the top to convey this. A good landing page design kit will do the work for you if you’d like to make a bunch of pages.

4.      Lend Credibility – About the only added stuff I recommend placing on pages is some sort of social media feed and/or logos for companies affiliated with yours. Good tweets or review of your products coupled with a “Fast Company” logo if they’ve featured your work is a great way to show consumers that you’re legitimate.

5.      Build many and test – Different types of pages will work on different domains and with different customers. Mix up your designs and test to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your landing-page buck.