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The Most Important Analytics for Your Landing Page
Posted by: Estel on Thursday, 04 July 2013

An excellent landing page design doesn't just happen to coincide with a kickass product launch. In many cases, a lot of a startup product launch's success rides on the performance of the site's landing page.

Using analytics for your site’s landing page can help correct weak points and ensure optimal performance. Here are several areas where an analytics program can help optimize your site's landing pages…

Performance Overview

Analytics programs like Google Analytics collects data of a landing page's performance and show tallies in a snapshot. A landing page's performance overview may include total number of visits in a given time period, new visitors, returning visitors, and unique visitors. It should also present calculations of average time spent per page visit, average number of pages per visit, and other website activities at a glance.

Landing Page Specific Data Sets

Specific landing page data sets can help you understand why a particular landing page underperforms or, on the other hand, why another page performs admirably. Data sets should at the least include traffic sources, visitors, content, and technology. These usually come with further options for drilling down data in order to determine specific needs. For example, traffic sources can be further filtered to keywords, medium, or visitor type.

Conversion goals

Conversion goals are types of pages that indicate visitors have accomplished a desired action. These pages can contain "Thanks for registering" or "Application Download Completed" signals, also seen in eCommerce sites’ squeeze pages. A squeeze page is an email list building tool that requests information from visitors in exchange for some type of information. A visitor may sign up to acquire access to a free report, Wordpress theme, video, or other data. Quite simply, conversion goals translate to statistics that clearly show whether a landing page is converting. This is usually based on completed goals reflecting a percentage of total visitors.

Analytics program help fine-tune a crucial landing page and improve overall site performance. Finding the right fit for your site’s needs is no easy task, however. That’s why demo programs available on the web like LivePagesHQ trial can help you choose the best for your eCommerce site. LivePagesHQ trial in particular showcases a clutter free analytics that identify issues which truly demand your attention, leaving you free to focus on other important things instead of drowning in landing page analytics.

Calibrate your site's landing pages with proven analytics programs like LivePagesHq trials to achieve specified goals and peak performance.