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The Key to Getting Traffic to Your Landing Page
Posted by: Rosario on Thursday, 20 December 2012

As an online marketing professional, you can push your campaigns just as far as your landing pages take them.

Creating a smart, attractive landing page with relevant and compelling copy is vital to the success of your individual campaigns, but it is unlikely to earn you leads at the desired level unless more and more traffic flows into your website.

To help with the cause, we have compiled a list of essential tactics that can get your landing pages optimum traffic…

Pay per click

Pay per click, also referred to PPC, can be highly effective in creating web traffic. Integrating your PPC campaign into a well-designed, smart and effective landing page can have a profound effect on website traffic. Good landing page design software can help you create a top-notch landing page to support your PPC endeavours within a fairly short frame of time.

Internal webpages

All internal pages on your website should be equipped with at least one CTA (call to action) button — better if they include a premium offer. You can place the call to action button virtually anywhere, be it the header, footer, the content itself or the sidebar.

Social media

Social media integration can also add immense value to your landing page optimization efforts. Usually, B2C companies are more efficient with social media platforms in comparison to their B2B counterparts. This is due to the fact that a B2C company has the luxury of luring their prospects with discounts, exciting coupons or goods. But interestingly enough, even if not by the same degree as B2C outfits, B2B companies can also offer various special or premium offers to make their clients and allies happy.


Ever since they made their debut in cyberspace, blogs have been serving as a pretty handy marketing tool for banking businesses from all over the world. Blogs are perfect for building backlinks to your landing pages with call to action buttons. Hence, it is important that you take the advantage of its seemingly endless possibilities by having a skilled writer to write blog posts on your company’s behalf.