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The Ingredients of a Great Landing Page
Posted by: Melissa on Thursday, 08 November 2012

The more landing pages that you have for your campaign, the greater your chances of converting your prospects into business leads. For this to happen to any significant degree however, your landing pages should be crafted in a proper manner. Tech savvy web designers may like to build their pages themselves; for the rest of us, there are excellent companies specializing in lead generation page design templates, that make it easy for the inexperienced. Either way, here are the principles you should follow…

A Great USP

For creating a super landing page design, you must first think of a great USP (Unique Selling Proposition). This USP should be such that it grabs the attention of visitors and gets them to read on further down the page.  Make it snappy though; it’s all about directing them ultimately to your call to action.

 A Professionally Made Video

The next ingredient for creating a great landing page design is a professionally made video that shows visitors how your product or service is a benefit. This video should be original, compelling and concise. A word of warning. We strongly recommend getting a professional to create your video. Seriously — it is harder than it looks and an amateur video is likely to do more damage than good to your brand.

Benefits of your Service or Product

In order to create the best lead generation landing pages you must mention three or four of the most useful benefits of your product on the landing page. These benefits should be presented in as concise manner as possible. On landing pages, bullet points are your friend.  

Client Testimonials

Another important ingredient for a great landing page design is the addition of the ‘trust’ element i.e. client testimonials. This sort of endorsement can add authority to your claims and make your visitor feel at ease. Again however, keep it sort. A few sentences from two or three satisfied customers is plenty..

A Single Call-to-Action

The final ingredient for making an excellent landing page design is to add a single call-to-action in your optimized landing page. Adding too many call-to-actions can prove to be detrimental in converting visitors in to leads because it can confuse and irritate the visitor and might drive him away from your website. Do it once, and do it right. If you’ve got multiple call-to-actions that you’re itching to try, then that’s your cue to build another landing page. That way you can measure and refine your message and figure out which angle is giving you the best result.