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The Definitive Guide to Perfect Landing Pages
Posted by: Anita on Wednesday, 08 May 2013

While coming up with the perfect landing page design may seem impossible, striving to do so is well worth the time, especially given the payback you are likely to receive in the form of higher conversion rates.  So how should you go about designing such a page, assuming that the perfect landing page actually exists? 

Read on!

Choose your landing pages format carefully

When it comes to selecting a landing page template, your pages can be integrated into your main website and targeted specifically to serve as landing pages, or they can be stand-alone pages.  In the latter case, they can consist of a single page or a set of tabbed pages depending on the campaign.  Each format has different costs and benefits; using an integrated landing page may be the cheapest, but it may be thought that a landing page with a different look and feel from the main company website is likely to be more successful for a particular campaign.

If this is the case, a stand-alone landing page can be effective, but it has the drawback of not necessarily being right for all of your interested visitors.  Some may just want more information, while others may be ready to buy.  You can handle this on a single page by offering different options, but some experts feel having a tabbed set of landing pages is more effective for this purpose.

Make sure your pages flow properly

Your landing pages are designed to drive your visitors to take action, but structuring the flow of that design optimally will go a long way towards improving your conversion rates.  A potential customer visiting a car dealership is not asked to purchase before getting a chance to look at and perhaps even test drive a vehicle.  In the same way, make sure that you give your visitors a chance to understand what it is you are offering before asking them to sign on the dotted line –or click a button to make a purchase or leave their contact information, or whatever the case may be.

Adjust your campaign as necessary

Google provides tools which will allow you to try different landing pages within a single campaign.  Even if you have followed the tips listed above, there will always be some uncertainty as to how consumers will react to a campaign.  By giving yourself the ability to try out different approaches as the campaign progresses, you are able to tweak your landing pages as necessary to improve your results.  A landing page creator can be helpful here by providing you with a variety of different pages to consider for your campaign.