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The Basics of Brilliant Landing Pages
Posted by: Michalene on Tuesday, 23 April 2013

You only get about 5 seconds to make a first impression with your landing page, so you want to ensure that you create the best page possible. Building a landing page does not have to be difficult, but people seem to lose sight of the purpose of a landing page when they start to build it.  There are some basics that everyone should follow when they start to create a landing page. 

1.       The main characteristics of a good landing page include targeted content, videos that pertain to the niche and a clear call to action for visitors that arrive on the page.  You want people to see that the information they are seeking right away, you want them to feel like they have come to the right place.  Strive to provide relevant and top quality content on a constant basis.

2.       Your landing page should not be boring, but it should not be too cluttered.  Stay directly on topic and only provide information that is relevant to your niche.  If people get the sense that your page is going in too many directions, they will probably leave.

3.       Before you start creating your own landing page, have a look around to see a landing page example by viewing your competitor’s landing pages.  What do you like about their pages?  What could you incorporate on your own landing page or improve?

4.       Give your visitors something.  If you are asking them to sign up for a mailing list, then provide them with something of value that they can take away with them.  People love freebies, and they are willing to sign up for your mailing list if you give them something good.  Capturing a name and an email address is a smart idea on your landing page because many visitors only come to your site one time.

5.       Be sure to break up your page with some bold headlines.  If the page is just one single long page of content, people are probably not going to stay and read it.  What people want is easy to read, digestible information, along with direction which you provide with a call to action.  Some of the best lead generation pages are basic and plain, but they convert visitors to buyers because they provide exactly what people are looking for when they are searching for a certain kind of information.