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The 3 Most Important Elements of a Landing Page
Posted by: Jules on Wednesday, 06 March 2013

To create the best lead generation landing pages for a marketing campaign, it is crucial to focus on those elements of the page that are most likely to produce the desired response from consumers.  If motivating prospects to provide information that allows you to keep in contact with them and provide information and sales offers relating to your products is the goal, effectively utilizing the 3  elements listed below should be part of your landing pages design skillset.

1)    Readability.  The importance of making your landing pages user-friendly cannot be overestimated.  The level of interest among visitors to your page will vary widely.  Don’t assume that the majority of your guests are willing to wade through overly lengthy blocks of text, squint to try and make sense  of poorly-designed fonts, or follow a maze-like trail of words across the page in order to request more information on your product.  If you are using images make sure they don’t overwhelm the page and obscure the message you are trying to get across.  Think of a landing page as you would a book cover –a reader may not be able to judge exactly what is inside just by looking at it, but if its appearance is uninviting they are certainly less likely to want to open it.

2)    Focus.  The best lead generation pages are focused on delivering a message tailored towards advancing the sales process.  Your company may have other quality products available, but now is not the time to mention them.  Save ancillary sales, cross-marketing and similar efforts for a later time.  Once you have motivated a consumer to provide his or her information you will have all the time in the world to expand the sales process.  Keep your landing pages targeted towards converting interest in the product being marketed into tangible action and the success of your campaign is likely to improve as a result.

3)    The offer.  No matter how well-designed or focused your page is, unless you are offering something a potential customer finds to be of value, your conversion rates are likely to suffer.  Make sure that sufficient features and benefits of your product are presented to motivate a visitor to continue with the lead generation process.  To drive click-through rates avoid being unnecessarily vague up-front, while at the same time staying away from information overload.  One way to do this is to provide a general description of your product and what it can do for consumers on the landing page, while offering a click-through option for those who want more specific details.