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The 10 Commandments of Good Landing Pages
Posted by: Joel on Tuesday, 29 January 2013

To have a relevant, attractive and flawless landing page is one of the most crucial requirements for any internet marketing endeavour to prosper. Fortunately for the new generation online marketers, there are abundant resources to come up with top-notch landing page strategies. However, regardless of what your strategies are, there are 10 commandments you can never afford to overlook when it comes to creating a good landing page…

1. Thou shalt always come up with targeted pages

A business website is usually designed to transmit a much wider business story that has its own diverse range of audiences. However, each of your landing pages is designed with just one specific goal in mind. That’s why it is important that each of these landing pages have something unique to offer to a particular group of audience.

2. Thou shalt keep things short and simple

An ideal landing page should always be designed to be informative, but not lengthy. Keeping things simple and short will help you achieve the desired goal.

3. Thou shalt have an attractive headline

The heading you pick for your landing page should always be catchy, attractive, relevant and consistent with the call to action. Also, try and make sure that the heading you have chosen gives a decent overview of the content that follows.

4. Thou shalt include images whenever necessary

As they say — a picture is worth 1000 words. That holds true for landing pages too. While formulating your landing page optimization ideas, always make sure to include images and other media content to convey the message in a clear way.

5. Thou shalt make it visually appealing

Design is a key element in your landing page strategy. Therefore make every effort to ensure that your landing page is blessed with an adequate design that attracts the visitors. If required use a landing page design tool.

6. Thou shalt maintain the content quality at all costs

The quality of your landing page content is the most essential factor that makes the difference between success and failure. Never ever compromise with quality.

7. Thou shalt remove all unnecessary links

Unless it is really important, don’t put any internal or external links on your landing pages. It can potentially distract a visitor.

8. Thou shalt remove anything unnecessary

Anything unnecessary that does not deserve a place on your landing page should be eradicated.

9. Thou shalt keep the lead capture form short

Avoid asking unnecessary questions in the lead capture forms — ask only what matters to you.

10. Thou shalt mention your privacy policy

Always include a detailed privacy policy. This is an important step to build a sense of trust amongst your visitors.