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So What is a Landing Page?
Posted by: Marta on Wednesday, 09 January 2013

In its simplest form, a landing page is best defined as the website page(s) that enables online marketers to record visitors’ information with the help of a lead capturing form.

An ideal landing page is usually targeted to a particular stream of traffic, such as, for example,  the traffic associated with a particular email marketing campaign or certain eBook or whitepaper. And because it's usually backed by a good offer and is highly targeted, there is every possibility that a good chunk of those website visitors will be converted into leads. In a nutshell, that’s all it is.  

Not to overstate the case, but landing page optimization is critical in today’s online marketing arena, and there are few other tools more powerful at your disposal.

Too many businesses these days are sending their email, ad and social media traffic right onto their home pages. This is seriously a missed opportunity of epic proportions.

Put simply, when you are already aware where a stream of incoming traffic is coming from, a well put together landing page (one that follows the principles of landing page optimization) is the ONLY page you want to be presenting (to change that traffic into cold, hard conversions).

Here are the three key principles of an excellent landing place.

1) Limit the navigation: There is only one place that traffic to a landing page can go: the CTA button. Don’t offer than outside links, more information or multiple offers. Just deliver them to your landing page, state your case, then close.  

2) Enable Sharing:  Enable your landing pages to be shared on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Add “share” links onto the landing pages to encourage your loyal fans to share those links with their friends over multiple networks. Include social media links on your post-conversion ‘thank-you’ page as well.

3) Maintain content-quality: Once your target audience arrives on one of your landing pages, you usually do not get more than a few seconds to grab their attention. Make sure then that the quality of the content on your landing pages is very high and well designed so that visitors are tempted into digging further down the page. (Template designers such as are perfect for this task).