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Setting up Your Landing Pages for Christmas
Posted by: Rosario on Monday, 10 December 2012

Christmas time is the best time for any eCommerce site when it comes to boosting their conversion rates as well as sales figures. In fact, for many eCommerce merchants, over 50 percent of their yearly revenues are collected during the festive season and Christmas alone, which is a pretty good reason in itself why you need to revamp your marketing tactics during this period — the goal is simple here, to make the best out of the ever expanding empire of eCommerce.

And when it comes to readjusting your marketing tactics for the Christmas season, there is simply no better way than to renovate your landing pages.

Here are a few essential tips to go about that task…

Determine your purpose and only then proceed

While carrying out landing page optimization for the coming Christmas season, the first thing you are required to do is identify what your primary objectives are. What is that you really want to accomplish? More or less, it will be about visitors coming to your site and responding to calls-to-action by making a purchase etc. However, focus on specifics objectives too, like how much of a traffic boost you want to accomplish during this period (refer to your previous Christmas time performance if required). Be optimistic, but rational while figuring out your objectives.

Think like an average online shopper

While formulating your plans and revamping your landing pages for the Christmas season, always make the point of putting yourself in the shoes of the typical online shopper and see things from his perspective. Find out the interests of your target customers and find out what type of offers or discounts will make them particularly happy. After all, without customer satisfaction, you can never succeed in your ultimate goal of turning your landing pages into lead generation pages.

Specify how consumers are going to benefit

Let’s face it — there are dozens, or maybe even hundreds of eCommerce merchants like you all over the world. How can you overcome such cut throat competition? Why should your target customers pick you and not your rivals? Optimize your landing page in a way in which all the benefits of purchasing your products and/or services are clearly defined, and catch the eye of the incoming visitors.