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SEO for Your Thank You Pages
Posted by: Rosario on Thursday, 29 November 2012

A thank you page can be defined as one that appears immediately after a user has submitted a form or order online. A thank you page is typically used to provide the download link to a freebie or a newly purchased product upon the submission of a form on the landing page.

Just like your typical landing page optimization procedures, there are also several distinct strategies that one can deploy to optimize thank you pages. Today, we are going to have a look at some of the most essential SEO strategies associated with thank you pages:

1. Use this page to allow access to an offer

First, be mindful of the fact that your visitor has just taken the pain of filing up your form, and is now about to download the content you promised in exchange. First make sure that your visitor knows you appreciate his effort — it is a thank you page after all! 

Once you thank the visitor, now it’s time to include the title of the offer so he knows he is on the right page. Then, provide a way to view or download his free stuff(s).

2. Allow social sharing

Always include social sharing buttons on the thank you page. This is even more important than having the same social sharing button on the landing page. This is primarily because, your visitor has already downloaded the free content your promised - and probably he is excited to share what he just read, heard or viewed, to his friends on his social media sites. Make sure these social sharing buttons provide the link to the landing page and not to the thank you page itself, or else other viewers will be able to access the freebie without giving you the data you’re after.

3. Call to action

While the main objective of the thank you page is to show appreciation to your visitors for filling in the landing page form (and provide them with access to your free content) that’s not all there is to it. A thank you page can be optimized to push visitors to other parts of your website, allowing them to learn more about your brand.