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Refresh Your Out-Dated Landing Pages in 5 Easy Steps
Posted by: Vikki on Monday, 11 March 2013

Given enough time, all squeeze pages websites will eventually become outdated. This can be rather frustrating, especially when you have spent so much time and resource on these pages. You could choose to keep them as they are, which is less than ideal as outdated designs rarely get you the sales you want. You can also choose to spend just a little bit more of your time in order to make them as relevant as they were the first time they were put up. This is a much better option, as all it really takes is but 5 easy steps.

1. Update Your Design

Current design trends for squeeze pages that sell usually involve minimalistic and geometric elements. You can go for this trend by choosing a new and fresher color scheme. Neutrals are a safe choice, but you can also opt for other monochromatic color schemes. Incorporate basic shapes and lines into your designs to give them an architectural feel.

2. Update Links

If it has been a while since your last update, make sure that all the links on your page are working. Replace any non-working links, and remove those that are unnecessary. Making sure that your page runs on links that work is essential in designing pages that are viewer-friendly and conversion-ready.

3. Buff Up Your Headline

Replace your old headline with a more creative and eye-catching one. Remember to keep it brief but, nonetheless, straight to the point. Give your headlines a fresh new feel by taking into account any new and related trends, making them a reference point for a bit of humor or pun.

4. Cut Back

Top-notch designers know that one of the most important things behind effective landing pages is being watchful of how and when to cut down on content. If possible, make your old text shorter while keeping it just as informative. Always use the main objective of your content as a steady point of reference. Your content should be able to inform your visitors of your offer and consequently reel them in for action in as few words as possible.

5. Segmentalize

Check out any landing pages sample that uses columns and rows. These sections are a good way to segregate the different elements of a good landing page effectively. This is the key to ensuring that every element of your page has an appropriate section just for it. Lastly, break your text up into smaller segments. This is to make sure that your content will not just appear on your page as one huge chunk that looks too long to read.