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Marketing 101: How to A/B Test a Landing Page
Posted by: Estel on Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A/B testing (or split testing) allows you to run simple comparative studies on important landing page elements. This helps you produce alternate designs, text, and presentations and identify which works best on your page.

The following are a few of the several important landing page design elements and how to A/B test them.


Landing page design software can help you experiment with these variations:

Ÿ Large font vs. Small font headlines

Ÿ Left vs. Right alignment

Ÿ Funny vs. Serious headlines

In general, descriptive headlines with a strong point in brevity are recommended. You can also test whether a short or long headline fits your product/offers on your landing page. Search for the best way your headline can be prominently placed on your page. Minimizing distractions can also help make your headline stand out and do its job.


The less information readers have to digest, the better online experience they will have on your page. However, there is no need to sacrifice quality for a slimmed-down landing page copy. Aim instead for brevity and conciseness. For landing page copy, A/B test these variations:

Ÿ Bullet presentation vs. Paragraph presentation

Ÿ Long vs. Short copy

CTA Button

It’s not enough to say ‘try it now’ on your squeeze page and expect customers to respond. CTA must have a sense of benefit to present to users. A/B test these elements for your CTA:

Ÿ Wordings of Call to Action buttons (benefit-oriented)

Ÿ Shape of CTA button

Ÿ Size of CTA button

Ÿ Color of CTA button

General rules of thumb for CTAs include not crowding CTA buttons with unrelated words and keeping CTA formatting consistent if you’re going to use more than one. In one case study concerning Pear Analytics, it is interesting to see the critic calling out the error of the CTA directing users to another page. The general rule is one page, one goal.

Contact Form

If your main objective is to have visitors complete contact forms, A/B test for the best way to visually direct them using directional cues. Experiment for the ideal length and amount of field forms that will get you the information you need without scaring customers away.

Ÿ Long vs. Short contact forms

Ÿ Long form vs. Form with multiple fields

Relying on gut instinct alone is not a serious option when testing for landing page performance optimization. Aim for a systemic evaluative comparison of landing page elements with the help of the guidelines above for the best A/B testing results.