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Manipulating First Impressions with 5 Different Kinds of Landing Pages
Posted by: Anupam on Tuesday, 04 June 2013

Landing pages are all about first impressions. They have come into being just for the sole purpose of making the right first impression on your visitors and keep them from bouncing back from your website to your competitors. There are five different types of landing pages that are being used for online marketing with zest. The click-through landing pages are used for converting your traffic from visitors to buyers by providing them with necessary product and service information. The lead generation landing page is used for getting contact details of your visitors for future use and regular follow ups.

Viral landing pages are also becoming popular because of their capacity to reach out to a huge number of people who’re regular on social networking websites. These type of landing pages use videos, games and other captivating content, which contains reference to your website or products and services. Further, mobile landing pages are essential for users who browse the internet mostly from their cell phones. Some people keep the homepage of their website as the landing page but this can be very confusing for users with time constraint. No matter what type of landing page you chose for your website, the one thing you have to keep a check at is the user experience. Here we detail a few things that can better user experience and turn normal visitors into privileged customers.

Be clear about your purpose:

Your landing pages will reflect your clarity of thoughts and purpose. Always remember that landing pages are used to help the visitors focus on a certain information, product, discounts or offers. Before creating the landing page draw out exact plans and strategies, while answering a few questions as to who are the target audience and what do they want. Analyzing and understanding the needs and demands of the consumers help you create the best landing pages.

Make it easy:

Short attention span and lack of time are two of the characteristics of internet surfers. When an individual clicks on your link and comes to your landing page they expect immediate information on just a few clicks. Your website should be optimized in a way that visitors don’t have to try hard to find relevant information.

Give what you promise:

Make landing page that only contains the information that you promised in your marketing campaign. Visitors should get the exact information and nothing else, as any change might make them lose trust on your services and products.

Good Content:

Great visuals, graphics and content are very necessary for grabbing the attention of visitors. As always, presentation is crucial when it comes to landing pages.

Use the social network:

The sharing buttons of most used social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, will increase your viability and trustworthiness. Create your brand identity with the subtle use of brand logos and other identifications on the landing pages. Taking help of a professional landing page designer is also a great idea.