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Making Landing Pages That Really Convert Your PPC Traffic
Posted by: Anita on Wednesday, 08 May 2013

Launching a pay per click (PPC) campaign can be a good way to draw traffic to your site and increase sales of your goods and services.  To make sure that you aren’t squandering resources however, it’s important that you direct your PPC traffic to squeeze pages that convert, whether you are creating them yourself or using landing page design software

Stick to the point

While there can be a temptation to write at length about all the benefits of your products or services, that can be done elsewhere or via links.  Your landing pages are there to convert your prospects’ initial interest into action, so make sure that you outline your value proposition succinctly and keep your call to action in a prominent position.  Ideally your call to action should be above the fold, so your prospects can easily find it and take action after reading your description of what you can do for them.

Use vibrant imagery

This applies to the text, fonts, and formatting as well as any pictures or other images that may be applicable.  While you don’t want to make the mistake of cluttering up the page with excessive content, striking images and contrasting colors can help to draw attention to your call to action.

Test alternate pages

Using a system such as Google Adwords allows you to test out different landing page designs to determine which is best when it comes to driving PPC conversion rates.  While this involves more design work it can cut down on the risk of a poorly designed or thought-out landing page hurting your campaign.  If one landing page isn’t working, simply switch to the next to see if it can provide better performance.

Headline construction

Given that the first thing your prospects see when they launch a PPC interaction is the headline on your landing page, make sure that you have designed it for maximum impact.  It should be concise and catchy, and, if possible, include a keyword relevant to the products or services you are selling.  This will improve your chances of attracting traffic that is highly interested in your value proposition and as a result increase your conversion rates.  While a landing page design company can help you devise a plan along these lines, knowing the basics will help you work with them to formulate a campaign that delivers the most value for the money.