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Making a Mobile-Friendly Landing Page
Posted by: Anita on Thursday, 14 February 2013

With soaring usage of smartphones and tablet computers to access the Web, it has become imperative for all online marketers today to revamp their landing pages to sync with the technological benchmarks of new-generation mobile devices.

Making your website and landing pages fit for mobile devices however is not merely about making them fit smaller screens. In fact, you need to accomplish a lot more than that before you’re finally able to roll out a highly effective mobile friendly page.

Here are a few tips and tricks that you may find helpful:

1. Loading speed matters

Do what it takes to make your website fast. Your landing pages should not take more than 5 seconds to load – if it does then that may be a big turn off for many potential visitors. It is recommended that the mobile versions of your landing pages are not much more than 20 kb in size. There are many landing page creator applications out there that help you come up with excellent landing pages for mobile devices. Use one whenever and however required.

2.  Alter the fonts and alignment conveniently

If the entire core-content on the page is contained in one single paragraph, without proper spacing and alignments, it becomes difficult for even desktop users to read. Imagine what would happen to mobile users whose screen sizes are a lot smaller than those of their desktop counterparts! Use landing page optimization software to get rid of this issue.

3. If required, make some small alterations to the ad content

When it comes to the ad copy on your mobile landing pages, make it shorter than that on regular landing pages. The headings must not comprise of more than 3-4 words, whereas ad copy is better confined to two or three points. Also, try and make sure that every single word makes sense and adds value to the overall effort. Feel free to use graphics or images, but only when required — not for the sake of looking sleek or to woo visitors. After all, we all know people don’t convert merely by seeing how stylish a website is.

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