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Livepages Solution Recipe - How to Send a Post-Conversion Welcome Email
Posted by: Anita on Tuesday, 22 January 2013

One of the most powerful elements of mass marketing software is the power to automate actions based on other actions.

For landing pages, automated emails provide a great way for marketers to push targeted messages out to customers  based on triggered message generated by the users themselves.

And there’s no simpler automated email than a thank-you email designed to be sent when a new customer fills out a newsletter subscription form.

You’ll need three things before you begin:

·         A Maxmail account

·         A mailing list that will be used to save email address to which the messages will be delivered

·         The welcome email that will actually be sent

So how do you set one up?

Log in to Maxmail

1.       Click on the ‘Automation’ tab

2.       Click on the ‘Create new autoresponder’ button on the left

3.       Give your autoresponder a name (e.g my first subscription autoresponder)

4.       From the drop down list of ‘Available triggers’ choose ‘Subscribes’

5.       From the list of available mailing lists, select the list you wish to use for this autoresponder

a.       If you wish to apply filters for selective automation of responder emails, then check the ‘and matches the following’ checkbox

b.      Use the ‘Match type’ drop down box to define whether ‘All’ or Any’ of your defined conditions need to be met before the autoresponder is fired

6.       Use the ‘plus’ icon next to the fields to add additional filters until you've got the desired filterset defined.

7.       Pick the responder email you defined earlier from the list of emails in the ‘based on’ section

8.       Lastly define the time interval this autoresponder is triggered

9.       Click on the ‘Create Autoresponder’ button to complete the process

Once you’ve mastered sending a thank you email, investigate just what’s possible with a longer email automation campaign, whether it’s based on new leads, recent sales, or other customer behaviour