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Landing Pages: Your Marketing Strategy’s Missing Link
Posted by: Anupam on Tuesday, 04 June 2013

First impressions count.  We judge and evaluate things on the basis of its first appearance. In the world of web marketing, landing pages are what help people form an opinion of your website and, ultimately, your offer. The main reason behind every web marketing technique is to draw the attention of the potential consumers and keep them hooked to your website. You profit from the online marketing strategies when a substantial percentage of people who visit your website get converted into buyers.

More conversion for more profit:

Consumers are highly impatient and they want speedy results. When they are looking for a certain thing and they come across your website, you better give them specific information. If they get directed to a home page instead of a landing page they usually get confused. Chances are high that if the viewers do not find relevant information on their own during the first few clicks, they will leave your website in disgust. Through landing pages you give them exactly what they are looking for and easily convince them to try your services or products and make purchases.

Improve the quality of visitors:

You should make landing pages so that better visitors, in other words, potential customers, come to your website. When you deliver minute and specific details about a service through the landing pages, chances are high that people looking for that specific service will visit you. Otherwise, uninterested and unqualified traffic will flow through your website, which will not convert into profit.

Gain more from online advertisements:

If you invest in Pay per Click services but do not optimize your landing pages, you will just lose your money and will not book much profit. There is no point in investing on online advertisements when the traffic is not converted into sales. By using landing pages, you are able to direct the traffic to a page that is relevant to the customer’s query or need and they don’t get confused with the overflow of irrelevant information. The trick is to give as much as asked for.

Get them to focus:

People nowadays have a very short attention span and don’t spend hours browsing a single page, which is not something on the lines of Facebook. To help them focus on your products and services, you need to keep all distractions away with the help of highly optimized landing pages that just give information about your products. You may also take help of landing page design software in this regard.