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Landing Pages for People without Web Designers
Posted by: Jaclyn on Tuesday, 06 November 2012

Many business owners think that creating a great landing page requires an expensive web designer, but this, luckily, is not actually the case. There are many companies out there that offer pre-made landing page templates and landing page optimization services. Live Pages HQ, for instance, offers a wide range of professional looking landing pages that can help push your conversion rate through the roof.

There are many benefits to using a pre-made landing page template, of which, and probably the most important, is convenience. By using a pre-made landing page there is no tech guy to deal with, which means you can work on your landing page any time, day or night. It also means you don’t have to wait around for them to have the time to do the work on your landing page.

In order to be the most effective landing page, the landing page design needs to include a variety of elements, including interactive elements, automation tools and different integration capabilities. By using a pre-made landing page template you can easily add these elements to your landing page when you’re ready and continue to add them as you begin to see more traffic and get feedback from customers.

Most companies, like Live Pages HQ, hire marketing professionals to help create the pre-made landing page templates so the designs are proven to be effective in boosting the level of visits and engagement the visitor has during their visit to the website. Increased engagement ultimately means increased likelihood that the visitor will also become a customer.

Finally, using a pre-made landing page template also gives you access to some really great tools. These tools help you track visits to your page, make conversions quick and easy, optimize your site with SEO, capture leads and even send data for mass email marketing. Pre-made landing page template providers can also make landing page deployment hassle free and fast.

All of the benefits outlined in this article will no doubt save your company time and money when it comes to creating a professional looking landing page that will deliver results and help grow your business quickly. There is no need to learn HTML or hire an expensive developer to have a great landing page that works wonders for your business, so get started on one today!