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Landing Pages for Dummies
Posted by: Vikki on Monday, 25 March 2013

Reel them in with your headline

Your headline is the most visible aspect of your landing pages design. It is the first detail they see on your ads or during search results. It is also the first thing they get to read when they arrive at the actual landing page. Make sure that your headlines are short but adequately informative. You can also make it entertaining, if applicable to your specific campaign.

Make it worth their time

Give your audience an offer that they will not have the gall to resist. Make visiting your landing pages worth their time by giving them something in return – like a few free stuff or huge discounts that they won’t be able to find somewhere else.

Have content that is easy to read

Readable content should be (1) short, (2) informative, (3) entertaining, (4) bulleted, and (5) compelling. Make your content easy on the eyes by grouping them into bullets or short phrases. Don’t forget to emphasize the importance of your offer – such as how your offers can be found nowhere else, and how these can be of advantage to your visitors on a day-to-day basis.

Choose images that help you gain the upper hand

Not all images deserve a spot on your landing pages. Choose images that help you get that conversion by going for images that are (1) visually attractive, (2) emotionally relatable, and (3) good at diverting viewer attention.

Build a trustworthy image

Give your landing pages a chance to get viewed for a few minutes at the very least by letting your viewers know beforehand that you are a trustworthy source. A number of online trust indicators can be used for this purpose, so take your pick. Choose trust indicators that are familiar. Employ the use of a multiple indicators, but refrain from using an overwhelming lot.

Build everything around your CTA

Always remember that with landing page optimization, your CTA should be the star. Experiment with details that will help you get that click you need, and work on them slowly but surely as your experience with designing landing pages increases.