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Landing Page Principles
Posted by: Anita on Monday, 10 December 2012

Too often we see online marketers coming across situations wherein they are forced to spend a big chunk of their hard earned cash on PRC campaigns, but without gaining any substantial benefit in return.

Worse still, some of them are even happy with their seemingly impressive click through rates, without realizing that they are spending way too much for mediocre results.

The primary reason behind such a lapse in strategy lies in the fact that most of these marketers don’t, or rather can’t, see things from the perspective of their target customers.

The following are three essential landing page design principles that all marketers, regardless of their specific domains, can refer to while formulating their online marketing strategies.

1) Never underestimate the significance of a great headline

Assume that you have only a couple of seconds or so to grab the attention of your potential visitors — failing to impress them within those two or three seconds will mean that the visitors will be moving on to other websites. The best way to hook your visitors is to come up with an adequate and self-explanatory headline that gives even casual viewers a decent overview of what they can expect on your website. If you can do that, chances are high that your landing page will soon be converted into an excellent lead generation page.

2) Don’t be greedy

That’s right, include just one call-to-action on each landing page. We understand, it’s tempting to launch a full-fledged cross or up-sell on the landing page of your ads. However, it is better to resist that temptation for the greater good of your long term goals. Always make it a point to ask for just one action — it’s a key landing page optimization technique suggested by most marketing experts. Make it simple and obvious for visitors to do what you’re asking them to do.

3) Make it look attractive

Simplifying the landing page is not the only thing you can do to make your landing page more effective, and neither does it mean that you can ignore the design aspect. Always try and make sure that the landing page is blessed with a visually pleasing design. By including clashing colours, multiple fonts or other annoying, unattractive design elements, you negate all the advantages your high quality content provides you.