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Landing Page Optimization in a Nutshell
Posted by: Melissa on Wednesday, 07 November 2012

A business website’s homepage is usually designed to be a fairly general affair, not tailored for a particular audience, but helpful as a takeoff point for visitors to other parts of the site. If, however, you want to get the attention of a particular audience as part of your marketing strategy, you would be wise to incorporate landing pages into your plans. Rather than sending traffic to your broadly defined homepage, send them to a page targeted specifically to your campaign, and ask them to do one thing, immediately.

Some key landing page optimization techniques you can use are listed below.

A focused strategy

The most important optimization technique is to make sure that there is a specific landing page for traffic that is generated from each of your different sources. This allows you to make sure that your landing page caters to the likings of the traffic and can be more customized. Got traffic from a Facebook competition? That’s one landing page. Got traffic from a YouTube video looking to download a free demo? That’s another.

Be concise

Don’t put every feature and service you offer on your landing page. This will just confuse your customer and drive him away before performing the desired action. You need to be concise about your product and service, and write as little as possible. Convey your message by using headlines, sub headings and imagery, then call to action.

A single action statement

Now you need to make sure that you include what you want your customer to do. For example, if you want him to order something to get your service, there is a link that shows ‘Order Now’. In any case, your landing page should have something that tells the customer what step he needs to take to make sure that he gets what he’s gone there for.

Proper Imagery

The use of imagery should be appropriate and it should connect your visitor to your product or service. This is essential because you have just a few seconds and if your visitor is not able to connect to you in those few seconds, he would probably leave.

Test and Repeat

Analysis of data and testing are great sources of improvement and in online media, nothing is perfect the first time around. Use llanding page optimization to find out what needs to be changed and to make adjustments to your images, colors, headings and sub headings on your landing page.