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Landing Page Mistakes that are Fatal to Your Campaigns
Posted by: Marta on Thursday, 27 December 2012

A great landing page is the most powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal that can help you convert visitors into prospects with the utmost efficiency. A strategically planned and beautifully crafted landing page can make a world of difference to your ability to convert incoming traffic into email subscribers whom you can then sell your products and services again and again. It’s in your business’ greater interest to identify the following commonly made landing page mistakes committed by marketers and avoid them at all costs

Mistake 1. Confusing or misleading design

It needs no rocket science brain to comprehend the fact that people get repulsed by ugly or messy landing pages. Don’t get me wrong here — it’s not a mere question of ‘beauty’, but about simplicity, user-friendliness and clarity. An ‘ugly’ page is one which visitors cannot easily understand or relate to. Always be mindful of the fact that simple sells.

Mistake 2. Undermining the significance of images

“A picture is worth 1000 words” — this famous saying is valid with landing pages too. Not including suitable and self-explanatory images on your pages is one of the most common landing page optimization mistakes committed by inexperienced marketers.

Mistake 3. Poor headlines

With a poor headline, you can never fulfill your objective of turning your landing pages into lead generation pages. A headline is meant to provide visitors with a quick overview of what you want to convey to them through that particular page. Therefore, always make a point of optimizing your landing pages with smart, catchy and self-explanatory headlines that lure visitors into looking at the main content.

Mistake 4. Offering too many options in a single landing page

Always configure your landing pages to pass on only one message. In other words, each landing page should be designed to feature just one call-to-action. By giving visitors too many options in a single page, you end up distracting or confusing them, meaning less conversions.