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Landing Page Metrics You Should Be Tracking
Posted by: Marta on Monday, 10 December 2012

Any marketing content creator is usually backed by a wide range of potential content assets that they can use however they want.

However, be it writing a blog post, drafting an ebook or working out a webinar, they usually have different objectives in mind when it comes to content creation. And needless to say, just like any given content asset could be linked with a specific goal, they all have to be evaluated by unique metrics.

For example, if you are using an ebook as your primary tool for content marketing, then page views cannot be the metrics you’re using to judge success. Rather, you should be looking at landing page interactions, for example, to evaluate how well your strategy is working.

The following is a brief rundown of different metrics that work best with different content assets…

Live or archived Webinar

Typically, most webinars are live online demonstration on one or more given topic(s).

Businesses usually use them to help their attendees learn various things ranging from industry requirements to the benefits of their products or services. These webinars can be (and usually are) recorded as well as archived for all who could not attend the actual live event or want a repeat viewing after the fact.

The metrics to track a live or archived webinar may include:

*Landing page traffic


*Number of attendees

*Social media shares

*Conversion rate


To boost your Webinar website ranking, it is recommended that you get yourself a decent package of landing page design tools.

Business blogging

A typical business blog post may include any specific content that you may want to publish in your business blog. They usually cater to various long as well as short term objectives including lead generation, lead nurturing, enhanced SEO performance and so on. The recommended metrics to evaluate your business blogging performance includes:

*Page views and overall traffic

*Inbound links

*Search/Keyword ranking


*Social media shares/comments

*Hiring a landing page optimization service


Whitepapers and ebooks are generally long pieces of content that act as premium content for lead creation and nurturing. Typically, the incoming traffic to your website must fill out a form on the landing page in order to acquire the white paper or ebook. The ideal metrics for measuring the progress in your content marketing efforts involving ebook or white paper include:

*Landing Page visits

*Conversion rates

*Social media shares