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Landing Page Metrics the Experts Use
Posted by: Michalene on Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Creating a landing page is one thing, but building squeeze pages that sell is the challenge for business.  There are certain metrics that can be analyzed with your landing page, and in order to be able to do that, you will need to install a good analytics program so that you can review your results.  This sort of data should be analyzed from the very first day that your page is uploaded. Here’s what you should be following.  

1.       Bounce rate.  This is the percentage of people that land on your page and then leave right away.  If you have a high bounce rate, then you need to improve your landing page to interest people enough to stay for several minutes or longer in order to convert them.

2.       Click through rate.  This is the rate of people that click through the offer and end up on the sales page.  Good squeeze pages will make it irresistible for people to click on your offer and make a purchase.  If you do not get the click through, then there may be an issue with the content of your offer.

3.       Conversion rate.  This is the amount of visitors on your site that will read your offer and then make a purchase.  If this rate is quite low, then your offer may not be appealing or your page may not be appealing.  You need to make changes and improve the look of your page or the offer you have on your page.

People don’t like to feel “tricked”, so it is important that if you are driving traffic to your page through a PPC ad that everything on your page is relevant to the content of the ad.  Most PPC ad providers will review your ad for relevance anyway, but you want to ensure that you are driving traffic to a relevant page.  The entire exercise will be a waste of your money if you do not ensure all aspects of your page are relevant to your ad since each visitor from a PPC ad is one that you end up paying for.

When you decide that you are ready to create a landing page, you will want to understand the key to landing page conversion from the start so that you get the most value from your efforts.  Many landing pages do not get a very good quality score from big search engines like Google because they contain no real content.