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Landing Page Best Practice
Posted by: Marta on Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The rules of landing page optimization are pretty simple and can be easily mastered if we follow certain basic rules and guidelines. The key here is to understand that the core objective of a landing page, no matter what type of website it is serving, is to convert prospects into leads.

Basically you need to enact your landing page strategies with close attention being paid to the lead conversion mechanism specifically.

Here’s how you should go about that task…

*All landing pages should be equipped with a single and unique purpose. Trying to accomplish multiple goals with one landing page is never recommended.

*One of the most crucial aspect of any landing page optimization strategy is to have every single element of these pages consistent with your branding and focused on promoting a single, easy-to-perform action.

*Provide a free trial or sample of your products/services in offering if possible. For example, if you are trying to sell a book, it is recommended that you make available a quick summary of it (or just an abstract) for free.

*Try and set up a flawless mechanism to segment traffic sources — for example, send all your social media, pay per click, banner and organic traffic etc. to individual landing pages to ensure you can really evaluate what’s working and what isn’t throughout the process.

*Always include your contact details (including telephone number) to show the customer you’re a legitimate organisation.

*Ensure that the main headline of your landing page reflects what the visitors saw in the ads that got them to your page.

*Make sure that your call to action is big enough to be easily viewable and accessible for any reader. Likewise, keep the message as simple as possible.

*When it comes to the lead generation form on your website, always place the call to action button towards the bottom of the page. Don’t forget to mark the page with arrows or images that will lead visitors to the CTA button as quickly as possible.

*Use dedicated landing page design software. Such software is relatively cheap and will save you endless hours if you don’t have a dedicated web developer working for you.