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Is Google Adwords Worth It?
Posted by: Marta on Thursday, 29 November 2012

It’s a common question: “does Google AdWords work live up to expectations?” Some argue that since they have never clicked on a sponsored link, that must mean nobody clicks on these links at all, right?

The fact is, we often knowingly or unknowingly click on these sponsored links under the impression that these links must be highly relevant to what we were searching for. This is primarily due to the fact that years of searching on Google has taught us that the best search results usually tend to appear towards the top end of the page. And subsequently Google is now exploiting that belief of ours by putting one or two sponsored links above the organic search results.

This tactic works with internet users who are not much aware of what a sponsored link actually is. To them, anything that appears at the top of the search results page must be relevant and of high quality. So, if they find the top-most link (which is actually a sponsored link or ad) relevant to their queries, they won’t waste any time checking that ad out, perhaps without ever learning that it was an ad at all. After all,  sponsored links do not necessarily always stand for irrelevant or too sales-centric content

Google AdWords is of course not bad of an offering for businesses looking for maximum bang for their pay-per-click buck. You can, of course, count on it when it comes to earning revenues through paid or sponsored links.

To make the best out of Google AdWords however, use the best landing page design tools, and ensure that the incoming traffic from search queries are adequately sold to, via a well set-up lead generation page.