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Improve Your Landing Page Conversions in 10 Easy Steps
Posted by: Vikki on Friday, 22 February 2013

Squeeze pages that convert are those that emphasize the advantages of their offers by being straight-to-the-point, visually attractive, trustworthy, and distraction-free. Landing pages that fail on one or more of these characteristics are prone to losing potential conversions. In order to maximize on these conversions, certain elements of your landing page have to be thoroughly optimized via the following steps.

1. Visuals

Use a squeeze pages design that is minimalistic in terms of color, layout, and images. Make sure that there is a moderate amount of white space surrounding the more important elements of your page, such as the call-to-action button and headline.

2. Headline

Use a headline that is short but straight to the point. Use a bold font to make it remarkable enough without taking any focus away from your main call-to-action.

3. Content

Focus on the worth of your offers. Highlight key words and phrases by underlining and emboldening them when appropriate. Itemize all key information pertaining to your campaign (e.g., pros and benefits) via bullets and numbering.

4. Fill-out Form

Keep your fill-out-form short. Ask only for the information that you need.

5. Call-to-Action

Let your call-to-action stand out with the use of a decisive tone. You can also place your call-to-action button at an area on your page where it immediately catches the eye. Lastly, you can use certain imaging and coloring techniques to direct viewer attention to your call-to-action.

6. Social Media

Place social media buttons where they are least intrusive. Do not use oversized buttons, as these can steal attention away from the more important elements of your page.

7. Trust Indicators

Let your page visitors know that you can be trusted by adding testimonials, security certifications, and other similar trust indicators. Do so sparingly.

8. Above the Fold

Keep all elements of your squeeze pages templates above the browser fold. This is a definite rule to keep in mind especially when placing your call-to-action buttons. Remember that the chances of getting a visitor to click on a link or button that they can’t see borders on nil.

9. Thank You Page

A “Thank You” page is the perfect opportunity to get your visitors to take more action, such as learning more about your other offers, or share, like, and/or follow you on social networking sites.

10. Check and Test

Do not settle for anything less than the perfect landing page. Check out for any typographical, grammatical, and spelling errors. Test for non-working links and other page elements. Thoroughness is key in this aspect, as even the slightest error has the ability to send your potential conversions off in contempt.