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Identifying Landing Page Hotspots
Posted by: Marta on Wednesday, 06 March 2013

Directing traffic to your landing page is important without a doubt.  But just as important is landing page optimization, designing a page to make the most out of each visit a guest makes.  Doing this effectively requires identifying landing page hotspots -those features of your landing page which are most likely to engage a visitor’s interest and attention.  Listed below are four hotspots which deserve a place in your landing page design toolbox.

1)    The Striking Image.  It is well known that the human eye is drawn to pictures before text.  Adding a photograph to your landing page can pay huge dividends as long as it is done with care.  Make sure the image has something to do with your product or message, and don’t make the image so striking that your call to action is ignored.

2)    The Prominent Call to Action.  Now that you’ve directed visitors to your site and attracted their interest with a striking image, don’t blow it by adding in a poorly designed call to action.  If your call to action is click-here- to - sign- up, for example, make sure that it is placed in a position where the reader can easily spot it, while at the same time taking care that it is not such a dominant part of the page that it becomes counterproductive and annoys visitors.

3)    Blank SpaceLanding page design best practices are to engage the visitor in such a way that they will be receptive to the messaging provided by your page, whether a call to action, dissemination of information, or the like.  Packing every pixel of your page with text, however persuasive the message may be, is a good way to frustrate your visitors.  Let the page breathe by adding blank space so that striking images and calls to action stand out.  People tend to make snap judgments when it comes to the visual medium; the negative first impression an excessively cluttered site makes can be hard to overcome.

4)    Natural Sightlines.  If you’ve ever been to a sporting event or concert with poorly designed sightlines you can readily appreciate how this applies to hotspots on your landing page.  If your call to action is buried beneath a wall of text, or if your bullet points are listed in the bottom right hand corner, the chances are that your page is not ideally designed to engage the visitor.  Use natural sightlines whenever possible and design your page so that a viewer’s eyes flow smoothly over the page, much as they would while reading a book or watching a movie.