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How to Write Winning Landing Pages
Posted by: Jane on Tuesday, 08 January 2013

It won’t be an exaggeration if we say it outright: landing pages as the most important parts of a business website. After all, a great majority of your incoming traffic — the ones redirected from blogs managed by you, or from your social media fan pages etc. — will enter your website via these landing pages only. And that’s precisely why you should be extra diligent when crafting a landing page.

Sadly, there are no magic formula for creating great landing pages. Nevertheless, there are tried and tested tactics practiced by many successful businesses to help come up with great looking and effective landing pages…

1) Interactive and intuitive design

It does not really matter which industry you belong to and what type of products/services you deal in, if you are trying to woo your potential customers through your business website, then an interactive and intuitive design is a must-have that you can not afford to overlook. 

Make your landing pages visually appealing and flawless, and make them user friendly. For example, always make a point of putting the call-to-action button just beneath the primary content of the page (product/service description followed by a brief summary of its various advantages). 

There are lots of other cool things you can do with your landing pages to enhance their quality and user friendliness — too many to mention here — so for world-class results, get yourself some good landing page design software.

2) Be honest. Don’t be too sales-centric

Your customers are not stupid. You are not going to get anywhere behaving like a desperate car sales person who relentlessly shoves sales pitches into the eardrums of virtually anyone displaying the slightest interest. 

While a little bit of a sales pitch is always fine, try not to overdo it. Instead, honestly brief your target customers about the products/services you're selling; it’s various benefits (albeit in a convincing way) and leave it with the CTA.

3) Compelling Value Proposition

Value proposition is best defined as a pretty smartly crafted marketing statement, aimed at elaborating on why a consumer should buy an item or sign up for a service. By that definition, the best way to attract your potential customers is to come up with a unique and attractive value proposition for your offering. There are a number of pretty excellent landing page optimization service providers out there in the market who can assist you to roll out great value proposition quickly and simply.