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How to Write Killer Landing Page Copy
Posted by: Jane on Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Ex Microsoft CEO Bill Gates once stated that “content is king”.

More than a decade and a half has gone by since the Windows maker came up with that statement, but the value of what he had said has not changed one bit in all these years. No matter what website you are running, content is the most important factor that can make the difference between success and failure.

eCommerce sites are no exception from this trend either. Ensuring that the content on your landing pages is good enough to sustain visitors’ interest and provoke a conversion is a top priority for most marketers (especially those involved in pay-per-click campaigns).

Web users rarely spend more than a few seconds on any given website page. So, make sure that your landing page design and content can keep him or her occupied for as long as it takes to secure a conversion. After all, as they say — first impressions count — and that statement has never been more true than with website landing pages.

Consistent message

While working on landing page optimization, you should always ensure that the message you are sending remains consistent throughout the click-page-conversion process. If you are offering a special discount offer via banner ads, then you need to ensure that the interested customers can find the discount rate — immediately — on your website’s landing page too.. Never change the name or logo of the company during this process. In this case, consistency equals credibility.

Highlight the important parts convincingly

Statistics suggest web users spend less than an average of seven seconds on a particular web page before closing it, which means you have somewhere around 5/6 seconds on average to impress your visitors with the landing page. Make those seconds count — say what you need to say (and only what you need to say) and follow up with a bright, big call-to-action button. It really is as simple as that.

Finally, create your landing pages simply (and without needing a dedicated web designer) with landing page design tools such as Live Pages HQ